8th Heathcote Film Festival

 Saturday 25th August 2018




Through the Haze (Australia – 2017)                                                       8 minutes – Comedy/Drama

Writer/Director:Kieran Wheeler   

Cast: Christopher Millington, Andrew Faulkner & Roby Favretto

Synopsis: When a hazing ritual at a construction site goes horribly wrong, things quickly spiral out of control. 


Lost Property Office (Australia – 2017)                                                    7 minutes – Animation

Writer/Director: Daniel Agdag

Synopsis: Ed is a thorough and practical custodian of a large city transit’s Lost Property Office. 

In many ways he is as lost as the items he is tasked to look after.


Un Buen Ejemplo (Spain – 2018)                                                             2 minutes – Drama

Director: Leonardo Pérez  Writer: Alberto Ramos Barranco 

Cast: Kyra Pérez, Alvaro Ramos & Maitane San Nicolas

Synopsis: Are we a good example? We will never know.   


Catastrophe (Nederlands – 2017)                                                              2 minutes – Animation

Writer/Director: Jamille van Wijngaarden

Cast: Ricky Weissman & Wimie Wilhelm

Synopsis: When a pet bird keels over in its cage, suspicion naturally falls on the cat in the apartment. 


Bluey (Australia – 2016)                                                                          15 minutes – Drama

Writer/Director: Darlene Johnson                                                                                               

Cast: Tasia Zalar, Matt Nable & Corey Webster

Synopsis: Bluey, an angry young woman trapped in a life of violence, meets a mystery mentor who could change everything. Bluey is a story of courage, heart and the fight for survival.


Love is Blind (United Kingdom –  2015)                                                     7 minutes – Comedy

Writer/Director: Dan Hodgson

Cast: Sophie Allen, Will Best & Ace Mahbaz

Synopsis: Alice, in the passionate embrace of her young lover, finally succumbs to temptation. However, when her husband James returns home early, Alice finds herself in an emotional minefield as she attempts to save her marriage while simultaneously negotiating her lover's escape.


Garden Party (French –  2017)                                                                 7 minutes – Animation

Writers/Directors: Florian Babikian & Vincent Bayoux 

Cast: Andrea Demetriades, Louisa Mignone, John Bluthal & Matthew Becker

Synopsis: In a deserted rich house, a couple of amphibians explore their surroundings and follow their primal instincts.




Deighties(Australia – 2016)                                                                       8 minutes – Documentary

Director: Mason Fleming   Writer: Pascal Mercay

Synopsis: A tender look at dating in the golden years of your life - your eighties. Phil, a widower at the age of 86, decides to venture into the unfamiliar world of online dating in a search for companionship.


Spoetnik(Netherlands – 2015)                                                                   11 minutes – Comedy

Writer/Director: Noel Loozen 

Cast: Jiri Loozen, Romy Gevers & Michel van Dousselaere

Synopsis: Teenager Sam from Limburg starts working at Spoetnik, a clandestine chips stand named after its specialty. Right across the street is a brothel with an alluring girl who evidently needs Sam’s help.


Stems(United Kingdom – 2015)                                                                   2 minutes – Animation

Director: Ainslie Henderson

Synopsis: Ainslie Henderson's eulogy to the short life span of stop motion animation puppets.


Mrs McCutcheon (Australia – 2017)                                                          13 minutes – Comedy/Drama

Director: John Sheedy Writers: John Sheedy (Story) & Ben Young

Cast: Alec Golinger, Wesley Patten & Nadine Garner

Synopsis: Having always felt he was born in the wrong body, 10 year-old Tom chooses the name Mrs McCutcheon rather than the name he was given at birth; he also prefers the flow of a dress rather than the cut of a pant. 


Golfing with Ida (USA – 2015)                                                                   2 minutes – Documentary

Writer/Director: Dustin Cohen  

Cast: Ida Pieracci

Synopsis: Ida Pieracci is a San Jose Country Club legend. At 102 years of age, she holds the course record with eleven holes-in-one and is still regularly playing golf today. What's the key to a long, happy life? "Just being a good kid!"


FYSH (Australia – 2017)                                                                             13 minutes – Adventure Drama

Writer/Director: Billie Pleffer  

Cast: Ronald Falk


Synopsis: This is the story of an old man and the fish that changed his life.

All films are unrated: some strong language and adult themes.